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Take back control
over your data while still
using your favorite apps and devices.

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Control Your Privacy With Priiv

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Our free app makes it easy to DRAMATICALLY reduce the personal data that Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, LinkedIn, and others get from you everyday.


A Clear Path

Discover exactly what you need to do to dramatically improve your privacy.

A Personal Goal

Your life and needs are unique. Priiv focuses on your needs & priorities.

Dramatic Results

Stop your data from being shared, and reduce the risks you face.

Available only in the US and Canada.

Protect Yourself with Great Software

The Best Tools at The Best Prices

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Get apps and services from the best privacy companies in the world.

You need support to help protect your digital life.

Tools like a password manager, a tracker blocker, and maybe even a VPN.

You don't need the hassle of researching, comparing, and selecting these tools. Or the job of finding the best prices.

That's why we did all of that for you.

Why Privacy Matters

Without full protection you're exposed to five kinds of harm and damage.

  • Personal Risk
    Embarrassment or Self-censorship
  • Financial Risk
    Economic Loss or Identity Theft
  • Commercial Risk
    Targeting or Price Discrimination
  • Political Risk
    Oppression or Mistreatment
  • Physical Risk
    Harm or Harassment