Privacy is Possible

Your personal data doesn't have to be all over the internet. You don't have to let apps and websites track your actions and location.

You can stop privacy theft.
You can be secure.
We'll help.

Priiv for iOS

Personal Privacy & Security Management

The simple way to take back control.


Setup Monitors and Alerts

Discover data breaches, brokers selling your data, identity theft signals and more.

Complete Privacy Checklists

Comprehensive protection for dozens of major apps, plus popular devices too.

Add Protective Tools

Discover the best add-ons to secure your accounts, files, and communications.

Available only in the US and Canada.

What's Your Privacy Score?

Find out how secure you are. Track progress to your goals.

Find & Remove
Existing Threats

View exposed personal data:
√ Data Broker Listings
√ Data Breach Alerts
√ Identity Theft Incidents


Advanced Fraud Monitoring, Change of address monitoring, Compromised Credentials Monitoring, Account Takeover Monitoring, Bank Account Number Monitoring, Credit Card/Debit Card Number Monitoring, Drivers License Monitoring, Passport Monitoring, Medical Insurance Alerts, Phone Number Alerts, 1 Bureau Credit Report, White Glove ID Restoration, $1M ID Theft Insurance covering loss

Upgrade Privacy & Security
Across Your Digital Life

Personalized Privacy Checklists:
+ Step-by-step improvements
+ Over 40 topics covered
+ Including devices, apps and accounts


Smartphones, Tables, Computers, Social Media Platforms, Messaging Systems, Passwords, Account Access, Web Browsers, Two Factor Authentication, Wireless Providers, Bank Accounts, Digital Assistants, Smart Home (iOT) Devices, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Spotify, Dropbox, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Signal, Zoom, Amazon, Alexa, Siri, HomePod, AppleTV, Roku, GoogleHome, Nest, Tinder, Bumble, Verizon, ATT, More...

Discover The Best
Privacy & Security Tools

Explanations & Recommendations:
√ A Dozen+ Categories
√ Includes Free and Paid Apps
√ Installation & Optimization support


Private Search Engines, Tracker Blockers, Password Managers, Privacy Browsers, Data Broker Removal Services, Encrypted Messaging, Encrypted Storage, Authenticator Apps, VPNs, Identity Theft Protection, Private Identity Managers, Private Payments, Encrypted Email Providers, Private DNS Services, Hardware Security Keys.

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The Harms of Privacy Theft

You face these risks until you take protective action.

  • It's Really Creepy
  • You Might Get Embarrassed
  • They Can Steal Your Money
  • They'll know where you go
  • Risk of Political Oppression
  • Marketers Build Huge Profiles