About Us

Why We Built The Privacy Co.

Over the past decade or two, we’ve all given up far more privacy than we intended or realized. And it hasn’t been clear what to do to protect yourself.

We think this is unreasonable.

After doing our own work to learn what settings should be changed, what tools were necessary, and which behaviors needed changing, we started helping our friends, family, and one of our founders began professionally advising some of the world’s most famous and successful people on managing privacy.

But we knew that most people don’t have a privacy-saavy friend, or the money for personal privacy consultation. So we set out to build a simple solution for everyone.

But it wasn’t a simple solution to create or bring to market. We needed all our experience in technology, privacy, and business to do the work necessary to design and develop a really powerful solution.

Over the past few years we’ve been working; to build a team, design and write the software, to design the most efficient way for people to manage their privacy, and to build great partnerships with the best companies in the industry.

There isn’t an easy solution to the privacy problem. Fighting back takes diligence and effort, with a combination of personal choices, business decisions, and ultimately some government regulation.

But we know that everyone can significantly improve their personal privacy, by following the simple path we describe and using the tools we recommend. Small changes can make a big difference, and everyone who wants to can significantly improve their safety, security, and that of their family and friends.

We think privacy is your right. And we believe that privacy is possible.

– The team at The Privacy Co.