NordVPN is one of our recommended VPN services for its ease of use, multi-device support, and because you can choose your “location” giving you access to content that is only available in specific regions or countries. This can be helpful if a country is limiting the sites you’re allowed on or if you just want to check out soccer games from Europe or see content available in Netflix outside of the US.

This article will show you how to install and use NordVPN on your mobile device.

Note: If you purchased The Privacy Bundle, use the activation code sent you you by email here to create an account. You’ll use your log-in information later when installing the mobile app.

Installing NordVPN on your iPhone

  1. Go to the App Store and search NordVPN
  2. Click ‘Get’, then install to download the app.
  3. After the app downloads, click open.
  4. If you’ve created an account already, click Log In. Otherwise, click Sign Up.

Note: Signing up only requires your email address and a password.

  1. Click through the privacy notice.

Note: Unlike the desktop version (you can see the installation article here LINK), you can’t opt out of sharing your aggregated anonymous app data for diagnostic purposes before continuing to use the app. However, you can opt-out in the app’s settings.

  1. Log-in using your account details.
  2. Allow VPN to send you notifications.

NordVPN is now installed on your phone and ready to be used!

Using NordVPN on your iPhone

If you’re using NordVPN for the first time, you have to configure some settings before the VPN can start working on your phone. NordVPN, however, lets you do that right from the app itself.

  1. Open NordVPN
  2. Click “Quick Connect”


Note: You’ll see the following dialog screen if this is the first time you’re using NordVPN. Running through these settings changes just ensures that you’re allowing a VPN to run on your device. You’ll have to do this with any VPN you install.

  1. Click “Got it”
  2. Click “Allow” on the following dialog box.

Note: After this step, your phone will briefly switch to a settings window to make the necessary changes.

  1. Enter your iPhone password.

Your phone will switch back to NordVPN and you’ll be connected to a VPN server. You’re now using NordVPN! Moving forward, whenever you want to use NordVPN, just repeat steps 1 and 2 to quickly connect via NordVPN. If you want to specify your server location, just scroll down on the app’s home screen and select the location you want to connect to.

To see what setting was changed as you set up NordVPN for the first time, just go to Settings >General>VPN (near the bottom) and you’ll see NordVPN (and any other VPN) listed. You can also connect to NordVPN directly from this screen as well.