Introducing Priiv

Take control of your privacy

to protect your data and yourself.


U.S. and Canada Only

Security Scans

Remove exposed data

Find data that's already leaked and remove it or remediate risk

  • Data Broker Listing Removal
  • Data Breach Alerts
  • Identity Theft Protection

Sleep easier knowing Priiv is constantly monitoring the dark web and helping you remove leaked personal data.

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Privacy Checklists

Step-by-step protection

Personalized action plan to improve your privacy

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Real world impact
  • Increase your PrivacyScore by completing actions

Follow your custom path to quickly do the things that will have the biggest impact on your privacy and security.

Privacy Score

Know where you stand

Track your privacy and security progress

  • Simple measure of your privacy status
  • Target Score reveals recommended goal
  • Track progress as you improve

Find out how safe and secure you are online. And as your life and the world changes, your score is continuously updated.

Privacy Tools

Get the apps you need

Software that improves your privacy and security

  • Our favorite 3rd party privacy apps
  • Tools for mobile and desktop
  • Services protecting your digital life

We've curated our favorite privacy software so you can choose and use the best tools available to be protected and stay safe.

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