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PRESS RELEASE: The Privacy Co. announces Priiv app for iOS in the Apple App Store

Craig Danuloff
August 12, 2020
PRESS RELEASE New York, NY August 12, 2020 Contact: Joe Bel Bruno, JBB Media 212-433-0123 The Privacy Co. Announces Priiv® App for iOS, Enabling Anyone to Take Back Control over Personal Privacy and Data Security Startup exits ‘Stealth Mode’ after raising $3M from K2 Intelligence FIN and its founders. The Privacy Co. today announced…     Read More

Privacy is a Process

Craig Danuloff
August 8, 2020
Privacy is a Process Privacy is not a simple problem. So we could not build a simple solution.  Your privacy has suffered death by a 1000 cuts. Location shared by your weather app. Habits shared by your browser. Viewing patterns shared by your TV. Purchase history shared by your credit card. Media tastes shared by…     Read More

Priiv is Now Available for IOS

Craig Danuloff
August 6, 2020
Priiv is Now Available for IOS Today we’ve made the Priiv app for iOS publicly available for the first time. It is the result of almost three years of hard work, and we think it’s an important tool that will help a lot of people regain control over their personal and data privacy. You can…     Read More

Privacy Levels

Craig Danuloff
August 3, 2020
Privacy Levels The amount of privacy that someone needs – as well as the effort required to get and preserve that privacy – can vary dramatically from one person to the next. This is not surprising, as people have very different lifestyles and preferences, and not everyone faces the same kinds of threats nor the…     Read More
Privacy Tiers

The Risks of Privacy Loss

Craig Danuloff
August 2, 2020
The Risks of Privacy Loss Many of us have become numb to being tracked. We know that creepy things are going on when we browse the internet, that our phones share our location, that devices in our homes are listening and watching us, and many apps misuse our contacts, photos, and much more. Yet we…     Read More

Privacy Tools in Priiv

Craig Danuloff
June 10, 2020
Privacy Tools in Priiv Managing and protecting your privacy requires knowledge, actions, and tools. For that reason, we highlight, recommend, and review apps and services both in the Priiv app and on our content site, theprivacyco.wpengine.comm. This post describes how we think about selecting and recommending tools, and the relationships we have with some of…     Read More

Understanding PriivScore

Craig Danuloff
May 11, 2020
Understanding PriivScore Everyone wants privacy. But figuring out how to get it leads to some questions: How much privacy do you have? How much privacy do you need? Can privacy be measured?  How much additional privacy do your actions give you? What is your goal when working to protect yourself? When have you reached your…     Read More