1-Click Privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

What is 1-Click Privacy?

It's a part of the Priiv Platform that automates the process of changing settings in various accounts to be more privacy and security-friendly.

How Does It Work?

Using the Priiv browser extension, It runs scripts that navigate various accounts and change various settings from their defaults to those we’ve recommended (and you have approved).

Where Is It Available?

It is currently available for Google Chrome and Brave Browser on desktop. It will be available on FireFox and Safari, and mobile browsers, in the near future.

How Does It Get In To My Accounts?

You let it in. When 1-Click runs you will be asked to log into your own accounts (unless you are already logged in via that browser.) If you need to log into an account, it will wait until you have entered your username and password (and 2FA code if required), and then it will proceed to make the requested changes.

Does It Gain Access to My Login Information?

No. Your account log-ins are done within your browser and zero information about them is accessible to Priiv. We do not see, save, or access your account credentials in any way. This includes login information, or tokens. We can never login or access your accounts, on your machine or any other.

What Personal Data Is Accessed?

No information from within your accounts is accessed, collected, or otherwise becomes known to us by virtue of your use of 1-Click, except the fact that you used the service, have those accounts, and the status of the settings that you choose to change. If you have a Priiv account, we also know your registered email address (or Sign In with Apple private email).

Is Any Other Data Collected?

There is technical monitoring of the service, which lets us know how the service is running, which pages and scripts are used, and detects success or failure of the scripts (so we can keep the service running). This service (Sentry.io) collects some device information such as brand and model, browser agent name, IP address, and OS version. There are no other tracking pixels or applications. See our Privacy Overview and Policy for more details.

How Do I Know It Only Makes The Requested Changes?

The scripts used to update your settings are loaded onto your machine at runtime only for the accounts you select. The Priiv extension can only load and run our signed, authenticated scripts from our secure server. It can only run scripts on the accounts we have chosen to support. All Priiv scripts are deleted from your machine immediately after use. The system cannot load or run any scripts, or make any changes, not authenticated by Priiv.

Can It Verify My Settings Each Month?

Nope. As explained, the Priiv extension cannot log into your accounts (we hold no credentials) and our scripts are deleted from your machine immediately after use. We don’t want to hold or store any way to get back into your accounts - such as your passwords or access tokens. We don't think you should allow anyone to retain the ability to log into or modify your accounts without your express permission.

Will More Accounts Be Supported?

Yes. Additional accounts supported in the Priiv App will be added soon.

Will More Settings Be Added?

Yes. Additional settings changes recommended in the Priiv App will be added soon.

Is It Connected to the Priiv App?

Not yet. But soon changes made by it will be recorded in your account and will impact your Piiv Score. You'll also be able to run it from within the Priiv App. Priiv App users will be notified when they’re connected.

Is It Free?

For now, it's entirely free. In the future we will have both free and paid tiers with differentiated account and setting support, and connection to other Priiv services.

Any Other Questions?