Enable Priiv Extension

for 1-Click Privacy on Safari (iOS)

The 1-Click Privacy features in Priiv on iOS, require that you first enable the Priiv Safari Extension.

This extension is installed with the Priiv app. If Priiv is installed, the extension is installed.

But the Priiv extension must be enabled, via the instructions below, before 1-Click Privacy automations will work.


1) Open iOS Settings > Safari > Extensions

Here you will see the Priiv Extension.

2) Enable the Priiv Extension

Click the toggle so you see it turn green.

3) Set the "All Websites" option to 'Allow'

This makes it possible to 1-Click to change settings in your various accounts.

4) Safari must be your default iOS browser

If you use Brave, or Chrome or any other browser as your iOS default browser, go to that browser in Settings and set Safari as your default browser.

5) Return to the Priiv App

Click < Priiv in the upper left corner (of this iOS screen) to return to the Priiv App.

You can then choose and run any available 1-Click items.


Installation Video

1) Open iOS Safari, click the puzzle piece in the URL bar

A menu will drop down.

2) Click Manage Extensions

This will open a window where you can enable the Priiv extension.

3) Enable the Priiv extension

This allows Priiv to use our 1-Click Privacy capabilities

4) Click Priiv Extension to Give Permissions

You will see a red mark next to the Priiv extension

5) Choose "Always Allow..." Permission

This will allow you to use the extension in the future without re-granting permission.

8) Choose "Always Allow on Every Website" Permission

This will allow 1-Click to work across all the accounts it supports.

9) Return to the Priiv App

That's It!
You can now return to the Priiv app and use 1-Click Privacy.