Priiv FAQ

Common questions and their answers

Priiv is Free?

Yes. Priiv allows anyone to get a PrivacyScore and follow a PrivacyPath to complete the most essential privacy-protecting steps, for free.

Do I have to be a Techie?

No. Priiv is designed for anyone using a smartphone and living a digital life.

What's Priiv Premium?

Soon we'll offer an in-app purchase that enables you to unlock a ton more PrivacyPath Actions, the ability to achieve a higher and more accurate PrivacyScore, and an our amazing Privacy Software Bundle.

How is PrivacyScore calculated?

Your PrivacyScore takes into account the risks you face, and the actions you've already taken. Each are weighted based on significance. Your score changes as you take more actions, or we learn more about you (via questions or permissioned automation), or as risks in the world change.

What is Target PrivacyScore?

Your Target PrivacyScore is the goal we set for when you have completed every possible action that impacts the risks you face and care about. Everyone has a different Target because everyone faces different risks, and have different goals.

What does Priiv secure?

Priiv covers privacy and security for Mac and Windows computers, Apple and Android phones & tablets & wearables, most popular browsers, iOT devices, the popular social media platforms, a wide range of services such as online banking, and best practices for the physical world too.