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Privacy and Security

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Password Manager

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VPN+Tracker Block

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Public Database Removal

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Identity Protection



You need a strong collection of great privacy software.

We spent over two years building Priiv to help everyone take back control over their data privacy.

Priiv helps you get the settings right, and learn to make good choices, so you safeguard your data.

But settings and choices are not enough. You need a collection of specialized privacy tools.

So we wanted to make it easy to get the best tools, at the best prices. We chose our favorites, partnered with them, and here they are.

You save time. You save money. You get the very best apps and services.

Details About The Bundle
Included App #1

Password Manager

A simpler, safer life online

Securely store all your passwords

  • Generate strong passwords
  • Log in automatically
  • Sync across devices
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Dashlane securely fills all your passwords, payments, and personal details wherever you need them, across the web, on any device.

"Dashlane is one of the most powerful and versatile password managers on the market."
-- Tom's Guide (Oct, 2019)

Included App #2
Disconnect Pro

Ad Blocking &
Smart VPN

Protect your privacy on iOS

Safeguard your data on any
home or public WiFi connection

  • Encrypt home/public WiFi
  • Supports desktop & mobile
  • Includes ad & tracker blocker
Disconnect 200x CLEAR

Disconnect Pro

Without a VPN, any wired or wireless connection is at risk to expose data. Without an ad blocker, the web and apps expose you to many risks.

"Disconnect gets a lot of things right...the price is good, and the speeds are serviceable."
-- (Feb, 2019)

Included App #3

Data Broker Personal Info Removal

Protect Your Personal Info

Get Out of Over 100 Online Databases

BrandYourself Screen
  • Remove personal data
  • Get monthly alerts
  • Re-Removal Automatically
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Your personal data including addresses, work info, income, phone numbers, and family member names are all over the internet. You can get that information taken down automatically.

Included App #4

Fraud Monitoring & Identity Restoration

Vigilance against identity theft

Alerts and remediation for financial damage

  • Proactive fraud alerts
  • Address & credit monitoring
  • Identity restoration service


IdentityForce constantly monitors for fraud and suspicious behaviors, providing direct assistance in case of an identity breach, and a credit report to help spot anything unexpected.

"Overall, Identity Force has well-rounded protection at fantastic value compared to some competitors..."
-- (Aug, 2019)

Included App #5

Priiv Pro

Take control of your privacy and security

  • Personalized Privacy Path
  • PriivScore and risks progress tracking
  • Maximize privacy across your digital life

A complete guide to protecting your privacy across every aspect of your online and offline life.

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Privacy & Security Bundle

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The Privacy Bundle:
Basic Edition

You'll be protected by these great tools

  • Passwords With Dashlane Premium
  • VPN Encryption with Disconnect Pro
  • Data Broker Personal Info Removal by Zoro
  • Identity Protection by IdentityForce
  • Powerful Privacy Management with Priiv Pro

Why You Need The Privacy Bundle

You want to protect yourself. You need trustworthy tools. You like to save money.


Curated By Experts

It takes time and effort to research, select, purchase, and learn how to use all the different apps and services needed to keep you and your data safe and secure. We made it fast and easy.


One Simple Decision

Live like an expert without becoming one. We provide years of expertise and hours of testing and research to save you time and energy. We’ve made it simple to choose and use these tools.


Awesome Support

Each recommended app or service is included in the Priiv app with step-by-step instructions and tips. You’ll be up and running and getting maximum benefit and protection.


Complete Privacy Solution

With a Password Manager, VPN, Encrypted Local & Cloud Storage, Private Identities, and Priiv Privacy Manager, you’re improving privacy and data security for you and your company.


Huge Savings

Why pay more than you have to for the best software? We’ve negotiated fantastic deals and put this bundle together so you can have EVERYTHING you need for a fantastic price.


Leading Apps & Services
with full annual licenses

We include fully licensed versions of these highly-respected and well-reviewed tools. It’s the hall-of-fame of privacy/security software.